Susannah West Interior Design - Cary, North Carolina


     "Susannah helped me to process what I was thinking, and she brought to mind so many different areas. It helped me to crystallize my ideas...I certainly felt her expertise was invaluable in research. She was able to present several different proposals and ...she never said, 'You have to have this. You can't live without it.' It made me feel much more comfortable...that I didn't have to buy the most expensive thing, that I really did have a choice."
C. Guilbeau
"You've been a blessing! Thanks!"
S. Snider
     "You're a real Godsend! Thanks for all your help on my house. I am really enjoying the "process" and have thoroughly enjoyed working with you!"
B. Copeland
"Looks great! Your designs are fresh and clean."
K. Breaux
     "What a blessing you turned out to be! I am so pleased with the results of our meeting...
I was feeling so helpless and frustrated. Thank you for giving me some direction."
L. Yonan
The following excerpt is from a letter one of my clients sent to a friend of hers, who was beginning a home project:
     "...If you feel you need some professional help with your house, I would recommend either a psychiatrist, or my interior decorator, Susannah. I have really enjoyed working with her over the past few months...
     She will be interested in YOUR preferences. She isn't pushy, and I enjoy the fact that she allows the client to do the decision making...she will guide you, and turn you away from mistakes...but the choices will be all yours.
     I think the money you spend here will be well worth it. I can't imagine looking across an expanse of expensive flooring, or granite, and thinking, 'I made this decision on my own, and it just doesn't work'...mistakes can be very expensive..."
Karen H.
"I involved you because I'm burned out! Thanks for taking the time to talk this through.
Should have found you a lot sooner!"
J. Eaton
     "Impatience has caused me to make a lot of mistakes in my home furnishing and decorating. Tired of all my costly disasters, I hired you to help. By the time our first room had taken shape, I was standing in awe: no mistakes. Just absolute perfection - the first time! How did you do it?
     Watching you work, I began to understand more of the Biblical axiom, "Patience must have her perfect work." You visualize perfection to begin with - then settle for nothing less.
     While I might rush out and buy the first thing that approaches the perfect vision, you understand that there are many choices, and that it is usually best to look at more than one of them. Your insistence on the exact right color, your meticulous measurements, mock-ups, drawings - all those things that take time and used to make me want to tap my toe - I've begun to see as patience leading to perfection.
     It's still a miracle to me that we haven't made a mistake yet - and my house becomes more beautiful with every consultation and carefully weighed purchase. Thank you, thank you for the priceless gift of showing me how patience and perfection go hand-in-hand! You are certainly worth every penny of your fee and every moment of your time."
E. Ratliff
     "Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts with me...and I must say I really hear the truth in what you say and respect your approach very much! It is a privilege to work with you and your clients!"
Adrienne Adler, art consultant
"Very clear, concise and evident solutions...Superbly done."
L. T.
     "I wanted to thank you once again for the great plans that you provided for us, during our recent remodeling project. Not only am I in awe, regarding the beauty and serenity of your design ideas, I have found that my entire lifestyle has changed, since household maintenance has been reduced to a minimum.
Our flooring choices are not only beautiful, they are very utilitarian and simple to maintain.
     Also, I am finding much less clutter, since there was so much detail in your well thought out plans. We often hear the expression, "The devil is in the details". However, our money was very well spent when we decided to enlist your help as I can say, "There is a little bit of heaven in the details" since you have given us the gift of beauty as well as of time.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
K. Hooper
"You have to see how TOTALLY AWESOME everything is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I mention that I LOVE YOU!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!"
J. Gomatos
     "I have a contemporary home and would like to do an eclectic colorful mix focused on mid-century modern. No one else in NC seems to even know what that means. Thanks for your help!"
J. Olaru
     "I just want to thank you again for your outstanding work on our living room! I have always loved this room - and we really do LIVE in it. But, in spite of its good "bones" and fine basic furnishings, I've always felt it needed something - but what?
     What you accomplished with just the right fabrics in window treatments and pillows, and the life you brought to the room with plants and new lighting, is still "magic" to me! I used to curl up in my favorite chair to read, then get distracted as I'd begin to mentally wander off into decorating land, trying to discern what was needed. Now when I glance up from my reading, I am simply satisfied. The room is rich, warm, and comfortable - and I go back to my reading without distraction. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
Elaine R.
The following are short excerpts from client emails sent to me during the course of their projects:
"One of the electricians had this to say about the house: 'I've seen and worked on a lot of custom built homes recently, and this one is the BEST one I've seen. You guys really did everything right....FIRST RATE!' "
     "The kitchen window (over the sink) went in this morning. Oh, what a difference a day makes! It's fabulous. I'll have a full 10 inches behind the are a genius for thinking of the bay. It really opens the whole kitchen up."
     "They are grouting the travertine.... Wall colors and travertine are perfect together....Magnifico!
     I can remember how much I agonized over that travertine tile decision. I'm sooo glad you won that battle."
     "I had to let you know that we are really enjoying the electrical outlets, in the drawer, in the Master Bath. As you suggested, the electrician placed an extension outlet, with 7 available plug-ins, on the back of the middle drawer. We keep the blow-dryer and curling iron, as well as electric razors, and cell phone chargers in the drawer now. So good to have those items out of sight. Love it!"
     "I know you enjoy feedback so I'll take a moment to brag about our accomplishments. We hosted a New Year's party... Everyone loved the house. The comments were the same as always: Love the color scheme, front door, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets... Love the way the island is different from the rest of the cabinets..."
     "I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for inquiring about our finances. It is interesting that I have found a designer whom I can trust with information in this regard.
     You have helped us in making some tough decisions which have resulted in a "quality" home. I am certain that without the information you have provided, our house would not have appraised for such a handsome sum."
     "To think that I've spent years messing up this room, and you made it look wonderful in just a few days!"
     "What a great reflection of balance and must have been under the intelligent direction of Divine Mind!"
"I love 'Susannah' days! They're better than Christmas!!"

Client references are available upon request from the following areas:

* North Carolina: Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Apex, Durham, Triangle
* California: San Francisco, Ventura
* Louisiana: Lafayette
* Tennessee: Nashville
* Illinois: Chicago Area
* Oklahoma: Norman

Cary, North Carolina